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Unwavering Criminal Defense For You

Criminal charges can result in severe penalties. You may be facing jail or prison time, significant monetary fines, losing your driving privileges or other serious penalties. In addition, a criminal conviction could cost you your job or keep you from entering certain professions. When facing criminal charges, the importance of acting quickly and decisively in obtaining the right legal counsel cannot be overstated. Waiting too long or talking to the police without an attorney can cost you dearly, even if this is the first time you are facing any legal issues.

At Pervan & Reeder, P.C., we have significant experience in helping our clients develop strong cases when it comes to any of the following:

  • Aggravated battery
  • Felony gun charges
  • Felony drug charges
  • Unlawful use of weapons
  • Aggravated assault
  • DUI and traffic felonies
  • White collar criminal defense

If you have been accused of a crime, the first step in getting your life back to normal is to deal with the issues. We have decades of experience in fighting for individuals who have been accused of crimes, and we are prepared to fight on your behalf. Whether we are seeking to have your charges dismissed, heading into trial or any step in between, we will be on your side helping you evaluate your options.

We Take On Tough Cases

Facing felony charges can be particularly difficult. As the most serious class of offense, felony charges can lead to life-altering consequences, including serious prison time. When confronted with a felony charge, you will need a lawyer by your side that has navigated the court system and is confident in his ability to fight on your behalf. As attorneys that have tried numerous cases before juries in the Joliet, Illinois, area, we have the experience, the preparation, and the abilities to work with you and begin getting your life back to normal.

Don't Delay — Contact Us Now

If you are facing or think you may be facing criminal charges, you need to act quickly. Don't wait and potentially lose significant time that can be spent preparing and mounting a successful defense. Call us at 866-239-0158 to schedule a free consultation, so that we can discuss your case in detail and begin working together. For more information, you can also visit our contact page.

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